Exorcism 捉鬼 / 驅邪

If you find your family members or friends going through some noticeable changes in behaviour including sleep paralysis, having illusions,  short-term memory loss and is outside of his/her own control, you’ll need to pay attention.

In some cases, this may be linked with mental disorders and help should be sought from a psychiatrist. However, there is also a chance that the person is being haunted by a spirit and you may consider consulting a Taoist master for exorcising the spirit.  Mental disorders and being possessed by a spirit are two different situations but they are interrelated and is like a vicious circle . It is advisable that you try and remedy the situation as early as possible as the longer you let this linger, the longer and harder the process will become.

In Luk Yam practice, the most common strategy is to conjure the power of late spiritual masters in a ceremony and transfer a charm onto them, which will be burned to ashes and mixed with water.  The possessed person is to drink it for a boost of will power.  Their “yang” level will raise and the demon will go away.  In severe cases, the patient will throw-up – a healthy indication that the demon has left their body.  In minor cases, exercising and positive thinking are suggested as it is much harder for spirits to possess people with a strong body and mind.