Four Pillars of Destiny (Bazi) Analysis 四柱八字算命  

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a system devised by ancient Chinese to read the life of a person based on his birth year, month, day and hour. Each pillar is represented by two Chinese characters and Bazi literally means “eight characters” in Chinese.   A person’s destiny is coded in these four pillars/eight characters from which the following life events can be deduced. By understanding the natural law and aligning ourselves to the cosmic flow we can more easily overcome obstacles and grasp opportunities.

  • Romance:  The year for meeting Mr./Mrs. Right; Issues which may encounter by the couple – affair, financials, parenting, the vulnerable years of getting a divorce
  • Career: Years for establishing your own business or getting a promotion
  • Prosperity: Years for creating and accumulating wealth
  • Children: Years for having children and their achievements
  • Health: Innate constitution and pathological tendencies


在四柱八字算命當中, 師傅能清楚指出你們:

  • 子平八字看姻緣: 姻緣入命之年; 夫妻間面對什麼問題 – 第三者, 金錢, 子女管教, 最高風險 (離婚)之年份
  • 子平八字看事業: 創業之合適年份; 博取升職之年份
  • 子平八字看財運: 進財之年; 破財之年
  • 子平八字看子女運: 得子女之年; 子女成就
  • 子平八字看健康: 先天那裡身體容易出問題; 身體容易出問題之年


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