Feng Shui Consultation 陽宅風水

Feng Shui literally means “wind water” in Chinese. It is an ancient Chinese study of the environment and how the flow of energy within the environment affects the well being of its occupants.

No matter you are moving office/house or hoping to improve the positive energy flow in your current office/home, we can provide your with tips and advice on how we can live in better harmony with our environment and to maximize the benefits which our environment can offer.

每件事情都包含了天, 地, 人與時的元素. 風水學用以選擇最有利的空閒, 把生活環境作一個最理想的安排, 冒求令生活其中的人感到舒適自在.

無論你在籌劃搬辦工室, 店鋪或家居, 或希望對現有環境作出一些改善, 我們均能為你提供一些有用的意見與方案.


Year of the Pig 2019 is approaching.  How to achieve balances in different life aspects including career, wealth, relationship and health in the new year through Feng Shui?  Your best bet would be to find a Feng Shui Master for a professional consultation.

Consultation Fees: HK$ 15 psf.  Minimum charge HK$ 5,000. Deposit HK$ 1,000.
Workflow:  Site visit on the agreed date and time.  Feng Shui chart and proposal after 5 working days.






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